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Police Cruisers Are 'Dangerous, Poorly Maintained:' Union



    Union Says Police Cruisers Are Unsafe

    The police union says the Philadelphia Police Department is endangering officers by not properly maintaining its cruisers. (Published Thursday, March 20, 2014)

    The Fraternal Order of Police says Philadelphia Police cruisers are dangerous and poorly maintained.

    In a letter sent to the department's top brass obtained by NBC10.com, the union outlines its concerns about the police vehicles, which they feel are kept on the street too long and are not serviced correctly.

    The union demands that the city replace some of the cars alleging that officials are endangering the lives of officers.

    Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said the allegations are "flat-out not true."

    "We don't put officers at risk. We don't put unsafe cars out there to the point where they put officers at risk," he said. "Wear and tear that police put on cars is unusual. That's not a Philadelphia issue, that's across the country."

    Ramsey says a lot of the cars are running 24 hours a day, seven days a week adding stress above what they're normally made to handle.

    NBC10.com reached out to union president John McNesby, but he declined comment.