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Piece of Historic Ship for Sale



    Piece of Historic Ship for Sale

    A massive piece of the historic SS United States is for sale, as the conservancy trying to save the ship is running out of money and time.

    The SS United States Conservancy is looking to sell a massive propeller sitting on its deck in Philadelphia.
    The 60,000-pound propeller will go to the bidder with the highest offer over the scrap value of approximately $100,000. 

    The purchaser will be responsible for removing and transporting the four-blade, 18-foot diameter propeller. 
    It costs $55,000 a month to berth and maintain the 1,000-foot long vessel. The conservancy is talking with potential developers and investors to repurpose the ship as a museum and mixed-use destination.

    If a buyer is not found by June 1, the propeller will be sold to a scrapper.