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Philly is Less Obscene: Business Insider



    Philly is Less Obscene: Business Insider

    Remember when we told you that Travel+Leisure ranked Philly the least attractive major city in America? (We did. I promise). Well, it looks like we have some more $@#* to be miserable about.

    Business Insider named the City of Brotherly Something the seventh most obscene city in the country. Apparently, Philly is less vulgar than in previous years, when we made it as high as third place.

    We're slipping, Philly. Spec-bleeping-tacular.

    They used data from Google, relying on an analysis of George Carlin’s famous “seven dirty words you can never say on television.” Sounds to me like a bunch of science crap meant to keep Philly down.

    All I know is, if there’s one group of people you don’t want to tick off, it’s the group of miserable, ugly people who curse a lot. Seventh place isn't good enough. Don't you remember: we're world-something-champions!

    So raise your fists, shout your expletives, and let yourselves be heard, you angry SOBs! We have a spot to reclaim!