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Philadelphia Phillies, Other Businesses Owe City Police $2.5M: Controller



    Philadelphia Phillies, Other Businesses Owe City Police $2.5M: Controller

    Philadelphia's Controller says hundreds of businesses and agencies owe the city's police force $2.5 million for services they provided over the past several years.

    Near the top of the list is the Philadelphia Phillies, who the controller says owes Philly Police nearly $276,000 dating back to their World Series run.

    Philadelphia Controller Alan Butkovitz said Tuesday that 389 entities haven't paid their tab. Of those, 168 bills are past due by 90 days or more.

    Among the top offenders, Butkovitz says, is the Phillies who haven't paid a bill stemming back to Oct. 27, 2008. That was the day of Game 5 of the World Series was played at Citizens Bank Park. The game, against the Tampa Bay Rays, was postponed because of weather and had to be finished two days later.

    Butkovitz says the team owes a total of $275,874.

    Ahead of the Phillies, who came in at number two on the list, was the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The state owes $341,328 dating from March 12, 2007, according to the controller's report.

    The list also includes a $108,453 bill for the Mann Center from the Performing Arts, a $71,406 bill from the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and $21,308 owed by Chuck "E" Cheese, the children's party place. Construction companies, bars and other city agencies also owe money, the report found.

    Butkovitz said the city also hasn't done a good enough job at collecting the money. In a letter to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and Revenue Commissioner Clarena Tolson, he urged them to collect the unpaid funds.

    "The city must take aggressive actions to pursue all outstanding revenues," he said in a release. "This is an opportunity for the city to generate more revenues that can pay for essential city services for all Philadelphians."

    NBC10 has reached out for comment from all the entities and is awaiting response.