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Philadelphia Police Sergeant Shoots Man Allegedly Armed With Knife

The man was shot inside a house in Gray's Ferry where police say he was threatening others and officers.



    A Philadelphia police sergeant shot a man in the chest at an alleged domestic dispute in Grays Ferry, a police dispatcher said.

    (Published Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017)

    A Philadelphia police sergeant responding to a report of domestic dispute early Saturday shot a man in the chest, according to a police statement and a radio dispatcher.

    The sergeant shot the man shortly before 2 a.m. as he allegedly wielded a knife and was "coming at" the officer, the dispatcher told NBC10.

    A statement released later Saturday by police described the initial incident as one involving a man in his 50s, a woman in her 50s, a man in his 20s and a woman in her 30s. It is unclear if the four people are related, but the statement said they all lived together in the house in the 1200 blcok of South 29th Street.

    When two officers arrived, the man who would eventually be shot was shirtless and irate, the statement said. He was angry, police said, over the television and internet not working at the house, and he blamed the other three occupants.

    A third officer soon arrived. Minutes after arriving, police believed they had diffused the situation, but as they were leaving, the 29-year-old man yelled to them that the 57-year-old man had a knife, the statement said.

    The sergeant, who was closest to the suspect when the officers re-entered the house, pulled his handgun. The other two officers pulled their Tasers. The suspect, however, refused demands to put the knife down, the statement said, and then lunged at the sergeant.

    The sergeant fired a single round, striking the suspect in the chest. 

    He is in critical condition at Penn Presbyterian Hospital.