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PennDot Prepares for Ice Storm



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    Barry Dayton says plow and salt truck drivers are the Rodney Dangerfield’s of the highway.

    That’s because when his Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission truck is on the Northeast Extension, it's like he's invisible when he's trying to treat the road.

    “They’re always trying to get ahead of us. They don’t respect us! They try to pass us when we’re salting and all they’re doing is getting themselves into trouble ‘cause a mile down the road, they’re spinning on their roof, because they’re not preparing themselves for the road,” Dayton said Tuesday.

    Even with whatever may fall still hours away, no one wanted to be caught salting at the last minute because they had gotten stuck and Preston Moyer appreciates that as he prepares to head to the airport.

    "I have a flight out tomorrow back home to Florida, where I live. So, I’m anxious to get through this today and hopefully we don’t get delayed tomorrow morning." said Moyer.

    And if you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle, remember you're not immune to frozen roads.
    "You gotta remember -- even though you got 4-wheel-drive, you can go, but you just can't stop! A lot of people just don't understand that,” driver Charles Fox said.

    Frank Grim's oil truck already had chains on it as he tried to get his deliveries done before he has to use them.

    "I plan on beating the weather…I started a little earlier this morning and I did 31 stops so far!  I have a couple more to go!” said Grim.