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Penn Lands $9.2M Grant to Study Concussions



    Penn Lands $9.2M Grant to Study Concussions
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    Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

    Penn Medicine was awarded a $9.25 million grant from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to study the underlying mechanisms of concussions — and help uncover potential new treatments that could improve recovery for patients.

    The grant was awarded to a team of researchers led by David F. Meaney, a Penn professor and chairman of bioengineering in its School of Engineering and Applied Science, and Dr. Douglas H. Smith, the director of Penn’s Center for Brain Injury and a professor of neurosurgery in the Perelman School of Medicine.

    The interdisciplinary project will involve a “data-driven look” at what happens to the brain during and after concussion. The goal of the researchers is to better understand the nature of concussions by looking at their impact across many scales in the brain, including “neural circuit connectivity, multiple cell types, blood flow, and the importance of the blood-brain barrier.”

    “In particular, we hope to decipher how the brain can re-route signals to bring its network back on line after a concussion,” Smith said.

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