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PATCO Fixes Elevators, Escalators Still Out of Service



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    PATCO customers are experiencing travel setbacks. The company let its maintence contract lapse, according to a statement posted on its website this week.

    There was no company responsible for upkeep or repairs because the contract had expired. So when eight elevators and escaltors broke (or had an issue of some sort) there was no one to fix them right away.

    "We let PATCO customers down, and we apologize. Our customers deserve much more from us," said John Matheussen, PATCO president and CEO of the Delaware River Port Authority.

    PATCO customers had to make due with walking the station steps. It's a major inconvenience for those that can't walk up or maneuver steps, as outlined by The Courier-Post.

    According to PATCO's statement, the agency is taking steps to ensure that it never allows an elevator or escalator maintenance contract to lapse until another contract is firmly in place. A new three-year contract is currently out for bid through Sept. 3. 

    Since last week, PATCO fixed all four of its non-working elevators. The repairs were done by in-house staff and with the help of SEPTA.

    However, four escalators remain out-of-service at these locations: Broadway East, 8th & Market North, 8th & Market South and 13th & Locust. 

    The entire 13th & Locust escalator unit needs to be replaced, and therefore the repair time may take longer at that station.

    PATCO spokesman Tim Ireland says the agency is working to get an interim maintenance contract and permanent contract in place. 

    "This was a mangement oversight and it shouldn't have happened," said Ireland. "We really should not have dropped the ball."