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One Year of Firsts: Walk 5 Miles in the Cold

Day 24: Walk five miles in the cold



    Strangers are just friends waiting to happen. ~Rod McKuen

    I hate the cold. (I know I did the Polar Bear Plunge, but I think that was in a moment of insanity and a need to impress you with my determination to do this year of firsts thing.)

    So I hesitated when Susan Smith emailed me a challenge after seeing my crazy stunt on tv: walk 5 miles with her no matter the weather.

    35 degrees? 5 Miles? Washington Crossing Park? (Didn't Washington's troops nearly freeze to death there?) How could I say NO!

    Susan and I never met before today, but I liked her right away. (thank goodness, we blabbered away through all 5 miles.) Please forgive the shaky camera. (close your eyes if you get nauseous)


    Triscuit, Susan's dog, is just too cute and picked up the biggest sticks she could find all along the way.

    The thing that struck me about Susan's email to me was she said she started walking five miles a day on 9-11- 2001.

    It was her wedding anniversary. She says she was so overwhelmed as she watched the second plane go into the Twin Towers she just walked out the door, two and a half miles to her husband's business to hug him.

    Then she walked home. Somehow it made her feel better. She kept doing it. Susan showed me a back trail and in the middle of her walk she does Push Ups. Susan calls the tread mill the dread mill and says outside is the way to go.

    I have to say it was a lot more interesting that my regular Sunday dread mill routine. I also got to meet her sweet husband of 27 years Stephen. (He promised to take us Fly Fishing for another First. Preferably when it's not so cold.)

    I had such a great time. We all went to lunch (thanks Stephen) and it was such a pleasure.

    I didn't feel cold at all. In fact if felt like a really warm day.

    Do you have a First for me