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Oh Deer! Caught Red-Hoofed

2 deer trash room in school



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    Mike Woods
    One of the culprits is caught "red-hoofed" at the scene of the crime.

    With a violent crash, math class went wild. Literally.
    “I was just like petrified,” said 10-year-old Myles McIntyre, a day after a pair of deer jumped through the window of the room he was in at Faith Christian School in Hamilton Township, Mercer County.

     “The deer were running around. They looked surprised and I was surprised,” said the fifth grader.
    McIntyre, two classmates and a teacher, who were also in the room Monday morning, managed to stay away from the thrashing deer before escaping into a hallway.
    The creatures continued to trash the room until animal control officers arrived and tranquilized them. They may have run into the glass after seeing their reflections and thinking they were looking at other deer, said Gary Hill of Hamilton Township’s Animal Cruelty and Control.
    “I’m proud that the teacher acted swiftly and immediately just to get the children out,” said Hill.
    The smashed window at the religious school was boarded up Tuesday, following the shocking visit from two of God’s creatures.
    “We all came in today extremely thankful for the Lord’s protection. So many other things could have happened,” said school principal Sharon Wilbur.
    The deer got scraped up a bit, but authorities were still able to return them to the woods at a nearby park. That’s where they likely came from, Hill said.
    Young Myles thinks he and the others were guarded by a higher power during that wild day at school.
    “God helped everybody escape without getting hurt,” he said. “Even the deer.”