Students Attack Officers During Lehigh Valley High School Brawl - NBC 10 Philadelphia

Students Attack Officers During Lehigh Valley High School Brawl

5 Students Face Charges After Crowd Attacks Officers

A high school melee that left several Allentown Police officers injured has led to the arrest of five students. NBC10's Aundrea Cline-Thomas talked to parents who are not defending the kids' actions, but say there may be an explanation. (Published Friday, Oct. 30, 2015)

Four officers were injured in a brawl outside Allen High School in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, just after school Thursday that left five students facing criminal charges.

Police told NBC10's Randy Gyllenhaal that officers were responding to reports of a large group of students fighting in the street when they were targeted.

Video posted to social media shows a female officer dragged to the ground and hit by a female student.

EDITOR'S NOTE: These videos contain profanity and violence. Viewer discretion is advised.


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Two of the officers suffered minor injuries, while two others were treated for more serious injuries. All four were expected to be fine.

Around 200 students watched the brawl unfold, some capturing it on cellphones. Police said three teens were taken into custody following the incident and they also arrested two other teens Friday. The students face rioting and aggravated assault charges.

"We are going to investigate this until everybody involved has been identified," said Allentown Police Chief Keith Morris.

In response to the video posted by her son online, a mother sounded off in her own online posting. The woman shared that she believes there is more to the story and said that the incident was not about race, but a “way bigger issue.”

“I have witnessed my own child being thrown and pulled and being brought home from a officer bruised up,” the posting read.

The posting went on to say “there’s no reason our kids should be disrespectful but law enforcement needs to also understand they are still kids and man handling them as if they were adults is unacceptable.”

The Allentown School District released the following statement in response to the incident:

“The Allentown School District is working in partnership with the Allentown Police Department to ensure a thorough investigation of the incident that transpired at 12th and Chew Streets in the city on Thursday, October 29. The District does not tolerate behavior of this kind. APD Officers work diligently to ensure the safety of our students and this community, and an attack on an officer will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. Our support goes out to the injured police officers and their families.”