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Officer Possibly Connected to Dangerous Dine & Dash



    A waitress at The Tiffany Diner in Northeast Philadelphia says a group of customers paid with fake money, and ran out the door, on Easter Sunday. As she tried to chase after them, she says she was almost run over. The waitress is okay and managed to get the license plate, which NBC10's Nefertiti Jaquez has learned is connected to a Philadelphia Police officer. (Published Tuesday, April 22, 2014)

    Philadelphia Police are investigating whether one of their own left counterfeit cash for a waitress and then tried to run her over during a getaway.

    The 24-year-old waitress told police she was working at Tiffany’s Diner on the 900 block of Roosevelt Boulevard on Easter Sunday. The waitress says she was serving a man and three women at a table shortly before midnight when she brought their check.

    Seconds later, the women ran out of the front door while the man left a $50 bill before running out, according to the waitress.

    After realizing that the bill was a fake, the waitress ran outside to confront the customers. The waitress says she saw the man and three women go inside a black SUV. As she wrote down the license plate number, the driver of the SUV allegedly tried to run the waitress down.

    The waitress says she narrowly avoided being struck by the vehicle as it fled the scene.

    Investigators say they traced the tag of the SUV to a Fraternal Order of Police vehicle driven by a Philadelphia police officer. Sources tell NBC10 that the officer works in the 17th District.

    “Internal Affairs is aware of the incident,” said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford. “They’re looking into it to see if a Philadelphia Police officer is involved in this situation.”

    While police confirmed that they are looking into the case, they also told NBC10 they couldn’t go into details since it is an Internal Affairs investigation. Police did say however that the officer could end up being suspended or fired if it was determined he or she was involved in the incident.

    NBC10 is not revealing the name of the officer since he or she has not been charged at this time. The owner of the diner and the waitress say they turned over the surveillance video of the incident to police. Meanwhile, federal officials are investigating where the counterfeit money came from, according to sources.