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Nutter: "I'm Not Dr. Phil, I'm the Mayor of This City"

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter addresses November election problems and issues among city commissioners.



    Nutter: "I'm Not Dr. Phil, I'm the Mayor of This City"
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    The presidential election has come and gone, but for the city of Philadelphia, the many problems at the polls are still lingering like a hanging chad.

    When asked about the lack of unity among the city's 3 commissioners who ran the election, Nutter responded "I'm not Dr. Phil, I'm the mayor of this city. They're adults. They will figure out how to do whatever they need to do."

    That is why Mayor Michael Nutter has appointed a 6 member fact-finding team to look into the issues stemming from last month's election. They're tasked with finding out what went wrong on election day and how to fix it for the future.

    Citing Philadelphia as the birthplace of freedom, liberty and democracy, Nutter expressed his concern over the city's voting process. "As the mayor of this great city, I want the most efficient, honest and informative election process in the United States," Nutter said.

    A number of issues are to blame, acccording to Nutter.

    More than 600 polling places throughout the city changed because of federal law requiring handicapped accessibility. As a result, some voters winded up at the wrong place.

    Twice as many provisional ballots were cast in this year's election compared to 2008.

    The voter i.d. confusion and hurricane Sandy also impacted voter turn out, while some question the way poll workers were trained.

    Nutter said, "Let us not engage on the traditional Philadelphia methodology which is to criticize when people do or try to do good.  There is nothing wrong with having fact-finding to make something better."