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Nun Punched for Pocket Change

Police are searching for suspects and a Good Samaritan



    Nun Punched for Pocket Change
    St. Alice's Church is across the street from the scene of a brutal home invasion that happened in November 2008.

    A nun is recovering after being beaten and robbed while walking through her convent's parking lot last week, according to Upper Darby police. 

    “Its a cowardly, sadistic, heinous crime. It’s cowardly, there ain’t no ifs, ands or buts about it. They snuck up on her like an animal in the jungle,” said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

    The 82-year-old nun of the Dominican order doesn’t have much, but that didn’t stop a couple of thugs from targeting her as she walked through her convent parking lot on February 2, police said.

    “She heard somebody holler to her, she turned around and then was immediately punched above the eye and knocked to the ground,” Chitwood said.

    Nun Punched for Pocket Change

    [PHI] Nun Punched for Pocket Change
    Who would beat and rob a nun? That is the question Upper Darby Police have as they search for the suspects.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2009)

    The woman fractured her pelvis in the attack and is unable to walk. She also has injuries on her hand and eye.

    Police say the nun isn’t sure if she was attacked by one or two suspects, but says that struggle was over her purse, which only contained pocket change.

    “She could have been beaten to death! Fortunately she gave up the handbag, because initially she was fighting with it,” said Chitwood.

    The attack happened in broad daylight, but no one in the area reported seeing anything.

    Chitwood says police are looking for the community’s help.

    The area around the parking lot is almost desolate, but people from the neighborhood said they are disgusted with anyone who would harm a nun.

    “It’s ridiculous, you know. She’s a nun, first of all. What do they not believe in God or are they not afraid of God?” said resident Irvan Logue.

    Police have one possible lead -- a teenage boy who helped the nun after the attack. He came to her aid, but did not stick around for police or leave his name. Investigators think he may have seen something.

    Officials are asking anyone with information to call 610.352.7050.