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NoLibs Named Philly's Most 'Hipster' Neighborhood



    NoLibs Named Philly's Most 'Hipster' Neighborhood

    At this point it’s become such a mainstream cliché to call Northern Liberties “hipster” that we run the risk of it no longer being hipster. Regardless, the trendy neighborhood received another shoutout for its effortless “cool” in a new article from Gawker.

    The website ran a poll asking its readers from across the country what they considered to be their city’s “Williamsburg” and “Bushwick,” two Brooklyn neighborhoods that many view as the centers for hipster culture.

    Gawker readers from Philly voted Northern Liberties as the city’s “Williamsburg.” Fishtown came in second while Manayunk came in third. As for Philly’s “Bushwick,” Fishtown earned top honors while West Philly came in second.

    With its art galleries, beer bars and thrift stores, NoLibs has long been seen as Philly’s essential hipster neighborhood. But with so many people now knowing about it, does it run the risk of no longer being “hip?” Only time will tell. For now though, NoLibs residents can break out the PBR and drink to another hipster honor.

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