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Renovated Dilworth Plaza Set to Open in September



    Diworth Park is expected to reopen in September after major renovations to the area around City Hall. (Published Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014)

    After numerous delays, the newly renovated Dilworth Plaza is finally set to open in Center City in September. Paul Levy, the President and CEO of the Center City District plans to make the official announcement on August 19.

    The announcement will begin a three-day celebration for the opening of the new Dilworth Park on 15th and Market streets. The park, located on the west side of city hall, will include a public space for 400 benches and chairs, a large lawn, tree groves and a fountain.

    The new park will also link the Avenue of the Arts with the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and connect the office district with Market East destinations. It will also provide new entrances to SEPTA trains and trolleys and make the Market Street Line as well as subway surface lines accessible by elevator.

    The park is slated for a September opening though officials have not yet revealed the specific date.

    The city, state and federal governments picked up the majority of the bill for the $55 million reconstruction project while private donors handled the remaining $15 million. Levy also said last year he was relying on the private sector to cover the cost overruns.

    “We’re building and actively fundraising so we will have all of the money in place to pay for all the cost,” Levy said. “We will not be asking taxpayers for any more money.”

    Credit: CCD Philadelphia

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