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Parking Crackdown in Philly



    Parking Crackdown in Philly
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    Police will be more than happy to slap a ticket on your car or have it towed.

    Philly drivers, if your parking meter runs down in the city, just know they've run out of patience at City Hall.

    The new parking crackdown starts today in Center City. You want to be hyper-aware of the Big Three offenses because police are anxious to ticket and tow:

    • Blocking the Box at intersections.
    • Running a red light.
    • Double-parking.

    Rina Cutler, Deputy Mayor of Transportation, says those are the main reasons traffic gets clogged.

    Don't Block the Box -- It'll Cost You

    [PHI] Don't Block the Box -- It'll Cost You
    Drivers beware! The Philadelphia Parking Authority is cracking down on minor violations like expired meters and blocking the box. It could cost you big!
    (Published Monday, May 11, 2009)

    "Streets and sidewalks need to function better," Cutler said. "Every one of us needs to do our part in order to make this a success."

    The idea is to ease congestion and free up curb space for shoppers, diners and people running errands in the city. If you live or work in Center City, you're supposed to find a garage, not a curb.

    Fines are also going up from $25 to $35 for expired meters.

    Parking in a taxi stand will cost you $31, $51 if you park in a loading zone and $76 if you double park.