New Jersey State Troopers Deploying to Puerto Rico in Relief Efforts

Nearly 50 troopers from New Jersey set off for Puerto Rico on Friday to aid in Hurricane Relief. Those troopers say they'll go wherever they're needed on the island. NBC10's Cydney Long was there when the troopers set off.

(Published Friday, Oct. 6, 2017)

Forty-eight New Jersey state troopers are heading to Puerto Rico to aid in the recovery efforts on the island devastated by Hurricane Maria last month.

Gov. Chris Christie, in authorizing their deployment, touted the experience that the state police received in the days and weeks after Superstorm Sandy struck New Jersey in Oct. 2012.

NBC10's Randy Gyllenhaal is live at Olney Charter High School where the students and faculty are collection donations to help Puerto Rico. Olney Charter is requesting that the following items be donated at the school, located at 100 W. Duncannon Avenue Friday:
Medical Supplies
• Pain Relievers
• Rubbing Alcohol/Peroxide & Band Aids
• Baby Products like Diapers & Wipes
• Feminine products
• Insect Repellant
• Batteries
Non Perishable Food & Beverages
• Canned Foods
• Crackers
• Snack Bars
• Individually Packaged Items
• Bottled Water & Sports Drinks

You can learn more, or discuss partnerships and major donations by contacting the Community Outreach Department of Olney Charter at (215) 456-3014 ext. 10420, or the head of the Outreach Department, Jennifer Nieves, at 267-836-2249.


(Published Friday, Oct. 6, 2017)

“Their experience should prove invaluable to Puerto Rico and we wish them well on their mission," he said during an event at state police headquarters in Ewing, Mercer County. "We will continue to deploy help as needed that has been requested by the Governor of Puerto Rico.”

The troopers are from Troop B in Totowa and Troop C in Hamilton Township, Mercer County. Once they arrive in Puerto Rico this weekend, they will meet up with an advance team of state police troopers already on the island.

The troopers will focus primarily on law enforcement and humanitarian aid.

Christie last week authorized the mobilization of 1,100 emergency responders and soldiers to deploy to Puerto Rico, which includes the state troopers and 500 National Guardsmen.

Christie also wanted to remind the public that two New Jersey National Guard armoies are still accepting donations to Puerto Rico. His office listed the following suggested items that elected officials, community leaders and organizations should collect:

Baby food, batteries, box fans, canned goods, cots, cleaning supplies, diapers, feminine hygiene products, flash lights, flood pumps, hand sanitizer, first aid items, leather work gloves, new underwear and socks, new bed pillows and blankets, toiletries, utility knives and high capacity generators to restore power for hospitals, water service, and flood pumps.

The armories will not accept any items dropped off for deliver and all deliveries must be scheduled by calling 1-833-NJ-HELPS. Financial donations may be made by visiting