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NJ Resumes Red-light Camera Program

21 towns are reauthorized to issue tickets for red light running violations



    NJ Resumes Red-light Camera Program
    NJ resumes ticketing operations for red-light cameras after a study approves timing standards for yellow lights in 21 municipalities. NJDOT has 85 cameras running across the state.

    New Jersey towns can resume issuing tickets generated by red-light cameras, even for violations that occurred when the lights were under study.

    The state Transportation Department says all 21 towns where the pilot program was suspended last month have shown the yellow lights were timed to standards.

    The DOT on Wednesday announced the yellow lights met the minimum duration required under the law. Had they not, the DOT would have removed the intersection from the red-light camera program.

    Towns can keep issuing tickets and issue summonses for violations that occurred during the suspension period.

    The red light camera program which began in 2009, was designed to reduce accidents at intersections with a history of motorists running red lights.

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