NBC10 Meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz' Bypass Surgery - NBC 10 Philadelphia

NBC10 Meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz' Bypass Surgery

NBC10's Chief Meteorologist is recovering from double bypass surgery



    Glenn Explains His Heart Symptoms

    Always the scientist, NBC10 Meteorologist Glenn Hurricane Schwartz shows co-anchor Renee Chenault-Fattah a diagram of the blockage in two of his arteries. Glenn had successful double bypass heart surgery today. Renee talked to both Glenn and his doctor last night because Glenn has an important message for viewers about what might have saved his life.
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    NBC10 Meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz is recovering from successful double bypass heart surgery he had this morning.

    He was in great spirits before his surgery and said he felt very fortunate. Glenn recognized some of the warning signs of a heart attack when he was on vacation this past weekend and went for a swim.

    "And I’m a big swimmer. I like swimming laps. Done it for many years. Helps keep me in shape. That’s my aerobic exercise. But I only went a couple of laps before I started feeling this pressure in my upper chest that I hadn’t felt before. And I just decided to kind of cut it off and say well, maybe I’m a little out of shape…”

    Glenn's Genes Put Him at Greater Risk

    [PHI] Glenn's Genes Put Him at Greater Risk
    NBC10 Chief Meteorologist Glenn Hurricane Schwartz was doing all the right things to stay heart-healthy. When he felt slight pressure in his chest over the weekend, he worried enough to mention it to the doctor because he had one big factor working against him: family history. On the night before Glenn's successful double bypass surgery, he and his surgeon, Dr. Francis Sutter, talked to co-anchor Renee Chenault about how critical a role your genes play when it comes to risk factors for a heart attack.
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    (Published Thursday, April 26, 2012)

    When Glenn got back to Philadelphia, he saw his doctor on Monday morning, had some tests done, was sent straight to the ER for more tests and by Tuesday night, was prepping for today's surgery.

    Glenn let his Twitter followers (@HurricaneNBC10) in on the news Tuesday night at 9:45 with this Tweet:

    "Having double bypass surgery in the AM. 99% of major artery blocked. Will be out a long time but will tweet some."

    Glenn's doctor said that blockage is in his major artery:

    "Well, the 99-percenter is the most important artery in the heart. It’s the widow maker. It’s hanging by a thread. And you don’t ever know. He might have had symptoms at 80-percent. Some people have symptoms at 50-percent, but he didn’t have any until it was 99-percent. And it’s very scary. So one extra blood cell getting caught in there could block it up totally," said Dr. Francis Sutter, who is performing the surgery.

    Glenn is in great shape. He exercises, he's meticulous about his medical checkups and he's a healthy eater. But he has one big thing working against him and that is family history. Last night as he got ready for surgery, he told NBC10's Renee Chenault-Fattah how grateful he is that he got to the doctor in time.

    "I just didn't want to be this macho guy and say, 'Ok, I'll just go through it. I'll just swim harder and the next thing you know, you see me in the obit pages,'" Glenn said.

    We are wishing Glenn a speedy recovery and will keep you posted on his recuperation right here on the NBC10 website.

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