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Mutilated Kittens Found in Chester County

Disemboweled, dismembered and beaten kittens were found dead on a woman’s property in Coatesville



    7 dead cats, 3 mutilated, are found at the home of a Coatesville woman who cares for stray cats. (Published Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011)

    Seven dead kittens, three of which were mutilated, have been found at a residence in Coatesville, Pa. in the past month, Chester County SPCA reports.

    All of the dead kittens were found at a home of “a cat colony” on Robin Road, where the property owner feeds, spays, neuters and cares for outdoor cats, according to the SPCA.

    The lower half of one kitten was found near the woman’s trash can. Another kitten with massive head trauma was found on her porch. A third kitten was disemboweled and its remains were found in a pile on her porch as well, the SPCA says.

    The other dead kittens were found near the property, but the cause of death for each is unknown.

    Chester County SPCA’s Animal Protective Services is investigating the mutilations, as the acts constitute animal cruelty.

    The SPCA is asking for anyone with information to call 610.692.6113.