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More Cars Vandalized In Mayfair

Nearly 30 cars affected in Northeast Philadelphia



    Residents of Mayfair are fed up with the repeated vandalism of their cars. (Published Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012)

    Another round of vehicle vandalism has left residents of Mayfair frustrated and angry.

    Around 30 cars had their tires slashed or popped Saturday night. Most of the vehicles hit were on Aldine and Teesdale Streets, as well as some side streets.

    This is the fourth incident of vandalism to hit the neighborhood in three months. Just last week, 16 cars were affected by the vandalism.

    Mayfair resident Dave Toledo has been affected three times by the vandals. After the tires on his car were slashed last week, he traded in his old car for a new Chevrolet Cobalt because replacement tires were too expensive.

    Car Tires Slashed Again

    [PHI] Car Tires Slashed Again
    Residents in Mayfair are frustrated after yet another round of costly vehicle vandalism.
    (Published Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012)

    "Bought a brand new Chevy Cobalt and they got it today," Toledo said. "And my wife's car got it today. Nothing's being done.  This has to be thousands and thousands worth of damage."

    Police say that their presence in the neighborhood had been increased in the wake of last week's incidents and vowed to step up patrols again after the most recent vandalism.

    "We're going to work harder out here in this area along with town watch, along with the neighbors because this absolutely is not going to be tolerated," said Captain Frank Bachmayer of the Philadelphia Police. "We're going to take additional officers from the 15th District and put them specifically in this area to reduce the vandalism." 

    Police are questioning two people who residents identified as being in the area Saturday night.

    "One individual we had to chase down," said Captain Bachmayer. "He was arrested for carrying a gun. These people are still in Northeast Detectives. The investigation is ongoing." 

    "There's no reason for it," said Ricky Lydon, another victim of the vandalism. "It's a hardworking neighborhood and to come out to this is just not fun."