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Modern Day ‘Battle of Princeton’

Clash over housing near historic Princeton battlefield park



    Modern Day ‘Battle of Princeton’
    The Princeton Battlefield Society is among a group of scholars and preservationists against a housing plan near the historic battlefield.

    More than 200 years later, there's another tussle brewing at Princeton Battlefield State Park.

    Instead of the American and British Armies, this time the combatants are historical preservationists and the Institute for Advanced Study, which owns 21 acres next to the battlefield site and wants to use part of it for faculty housing.

    The Princeton Regional Planning Board approved a plan last week, but opponents say they're not going down without a fight.

    The institute, which once claimed Albert Einstein as a member, wants to build 15 housing units on seven acres and preserve the remaining 14 acres.

    The head of the Princeton Battlefield Society tells The Philadelphia Inquirer he'll appeal the planning board's decision.

    George Washington defeated the British at the Battle of Princeton in January 1777.

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