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'Melrose' Actress Giggled After Fatal Crash: Police

Police officer testifies that Amy Locane-Bovenizer sat in a drainage ditch and laughed after killing a Montgomery woman



    'Melrose' Actress Giggled After Fatal Crash: Police
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    Amy Locane starred in "Melrose Place" and was Brendan Fraser's love interest in "School Ties"

    The actress who starred in the popular television series “Melrose Place,” as well as the films “School Ties” “Crybaby” and “Airheads,” giggled and laughed after hitting another car and killing a passenger, a police officer testified Monday.

    Amy Locane-Bovenizer was driving drunk on Cherry Hill Road in Montgomery, N.J. June 27, 2010 when she struck Fred and Helene Seeman’s car as it was turning into a driveway, police say. Helene Seeman, 60, was pronounced dead the scene. Fred Seeman, who was driving, was flown to the hospital for treatment.

    Montgomery Police officer William Wilkes testified during a hearing in Locane-Bovenizer’s aggravated manslaughter case, reports the NJ Press Media.

    Wilkes said that while the 39-year-old sat in a drainage ditch at the fatal accident scene, she was happy and giggling and telling police that they were being “overly dramatic,” reports the NJ Press Media.

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    Locane-Bovenizer also asked police and EMTs why they were “making such a big deal” by putting her in an ambulance and putting a brace on her neck, Wilkes said.

    Locane-Bovenizer was brought to the hospital for a blood test and seemed incoherent as she urinated in the hospital bed and babbled incoherently at times, Wilkes testified.

    “After they had taken a blood sample, at some point she said, ‘Am I pregnant or am I just drunk?’ ” Wilkes said, reports the NJ Press Media.

    The court hearing will continue Tuesday with cross-examination.

    Locane-Bovenizer lives in Hopewell, N.J. with her husband and two children.

    According to Wikipedia, Locane-Bovenizer is married to Mark Bovenizer, who is a local businessman and volunteer firefighter. Locane-Bovenizer was born in Trenton, N.J.