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Mayor Mack Vetoes Council Vote to Cut His Salary

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack vetoed a city council vote to cut his salary in half.



    Trenton's city council failed to come up with the number of votes needed to cut Mayor Tony Mack's salary in half. Mack is out on bail after his arrest on corruption charges. NBC10's Katy Zachry has the details on the dispute. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012)

    Trenton Mayor Tony Mack is in the middle of another controversy, this time over his paycheck.

    Trenton’s City Council voted again Tuesday night whether or not to cut Mayor Mack’s salary in half. While their last vote approved the measure, Mack vetoed it. When they tried to override the veto, they didn’t have enough votes.

    “Can you get paid if you don’t do your job?” asked City Council President Phyllis Holly-Ward. “The Mayor has not performed.”

    Holly-Ward says they’re trying to make cuts across the board and have zeroed in on the mayor’s salary. In September, Mack was arrested on federal corruption charges. NBC10 requested an interview with Mack tonight, who’s out on bail, but he declined. Some of Mack’s constituents say that while they don’t support the mayor, they believe the vote to cut his salary is an unnecessary distraction.

    “It’s a waste of time,” said Pastor Lee Ingram. “Let the process go on with Tony. When it happens and he gets convicted, he won’t have a salary!”

    “They’re saying it’s economically driven,” said NBC10’s Katy Zachry to Daryl Brooks.

    “Well then city council should cut their pay in half,” replied Brooks. “My mom says what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

    NBC10 asked City Council members, who make about $20,000 a year, would consider cutting their salaries in half. They stated that a salary cut has not been discussed.