Married on a Megabus: Lucky Couple Ties Knot on Atlantic City-Bound Bus

Married on a Megabus? This couple was! One New York City couple tied the knot on a Megabus after winning a contest.

(Published Friday, Aug. 11, 2017)

Getting married on a Megabus? One couple did!

The lucky newlyweds tied the knot after winning the “Marry Me on a Megabus” contest, which drew around 2,000 contenders.

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Donna and Omar met on a Megabus when they were both traveling from New York City to Toronto two years ago, the discount bus company said. On Friday, the two said their vows in front of 40 family members and friends on a decked out Megabus from New York City to Atlantic City.

Along with the wedding, the decorations and the officiant, the lucky couple also won $2,500 to use for celebrating.

"I must be blessed," the new husband said, kissing his new wife on the cheek.