Man Proposes to Girlfriend Inside Sand-Made Taj Mahal

A man proposed to his girlfriend inside of a Taj Mahal sand sculpture on the Jersey Shore. The Bikini Boys, known for their sand sculpture of Chris Christie, constructed the sand Taj Mahal, complete with the words, "Brenda, Will you marry me?"

(Published Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017)

A man proposed to his girlfriend inside of a Taj Mahal made out of sand on the Jersey Shore this weekend.

The groom-to-be, Amit, contacted The Bikini Boys (of sand sculpture Chris Christie fame) and asked if they could build a Taj Mahal for the big proposal.

Jersey Shore Sand Sculpture Mocks Gov. Chris Christie

On Saturday afternoon, Amit unveiled the Taj Mahal to his bride-to-be.

“Brenda, Will you marry me?” is etched in the sand near the sculpture.

Amit got on one knee and proposed to Brenda as family and friends watched on a beach in Seaside Heights.

“We are very happy to help make this dashing young man’s dream proposal into a reality,” The Bikini Boys said in a message.

The sand sculpture definitely got some sun.

(Published Wednesday, July 5, 2017)

They said it took about five hours to create the Taj Mahal sand sculpture. They even did a smaller trial sculpture last weekend and posted it to their Instagram page as a sneak preview of the coming weekend’s proposal.

The Bikini Boys usually build a sand sculpture every weekend near the corner of Carteret and Freemont avenues in Seaside Heights.

Last month, The Bikini Boys built a giant sand sculpture of Gov. Chris Christie lounging in a chair after a government shutdown closed state beaches and parks for much of the Fourth of July weekend and a photo of Christie lounging on a state beach that was closed to the public went viral.