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Man Partially Blinded in Drive-By BB Shooting

A Quakertown man talks to NBC10 about the random attack that changed his life



    Dave Rochelle of Quakertown tells NBC10 he and his son were driving home one night last month when a car pulled up next to him. Before he knew it, he felt a sharp pain in his eye and saw the car speeding off. He says the pellet is still lodged in his optic nerve. His doctors say surgery to remove it is too dangerous. NBC10's Katy Zachry talked to Rochelle about his ordeal. (Published Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012)

    Dave Rochelle, of Quakertown, says he had just finished a round of golf with his son and was driving home on July 21 when he was shot in the eye.

    Rochelle says a car passed him going the opposite direction on Trumbauersville Road and all of the sudden he felt an intense pain below his left eye and everything went black.

    "Our windows were parallel and right as he passed, right there, is when I felt what I thought was a golf ball," said Rochelle.

    When he arrived at the hospital, Rochelle says he found out he'd been hit by a BB pellet.

    "It hit right under the eye, which I'm guessing is a blessing right there, but what happened was after it entered it actually traveled upward and now it's lodged in the optic nerve," said Rochelle.

    He is now partially blind. Rochelle tells NBC10 he opted not to have the BB pellet removed from his eye because doctors told him the surgery is too risky.

    State Police are investigating and say they have no active leads.