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Llama or Alpaca? Philly Police Crack the Case



    Llama or Alpaca? Philly Police Crack the Case
    Joseph Kaczmarek

    The Philadelphia Police Department says it has completed its DNC animal analysis: it’s an alpaca, not a llama.

    There seemed to be some question as to what kind of animal was hanging out near City Hall earlier this week with Democratic National Convention protesters and attendees.

    Our own photographer, Joseph Kaczmarek, snapped a picture of the fuzzy friend on Monday while crossing JFK Boulevard with a handler.

    On Wednesday, the city’s official Twitter account put out the following tweet, letting everyone know that an official police report confirmed that the animal was not a llama, but rather an alpaca.

    Philly Police quickly responded on Twitter, as only the sassy Philly Police social handlers could:

    Turns out the alpaca is named Shay, according to Kaczmarek. Shay’s handler, Ethan, said he uses the alpaca to raise awareness in support of small farms.