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Lawsuit Filed in Lightning Strike Death

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the widow of Bryan Bradley. He was killed after being struck by lightning while working on the Revel construction site in September



    Widow Files Lawsuit for Husband's Death

    The widow of Bryan Bradley filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Wednesday. Bradley was killed September 15th after being struck by lightning at the Revel construction site. Bradley's wife filed the lawsuit because she believes her husband's death could have been prevented. NBC10's Ted Greenberg reports. (Published Wednesday, April 4, 2012)

    The widow of Bryan Bradley filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Wednesday against Tishman Construction and Network Construction Company of Pleasantville, N.J. The lawsuit claims construction work at the Revel site in Atlantic City should have stopped last year due to the lightning storms.

    Bradley, of Linwood, was killed on September 15 after a lightning bolt hit an 800 foot tower crane, which was near him as he worked to pour concrete from a bucket. Bradley was also a father.

    At Wednesday's press conference, Carmen Bradley said the tragic loss of her husband could have been prevented.

    "Their decision robbed me of my husband and closest friend, robbed my children of a father who loved them passionately and robbed Bryan of his life. My sons and I are now left to live our lives without him. It is a devastating reality and more devastating than this is the fact that it was 100% preventable."

    Construction workers Dennis Lamond and Joseph Forcinito, who were both injured in the lighting strike, filed their own individual lawsuits on Wednesday.

    "Instead of getting to safety, they offered us rain jackets. I was scared about the weather and told them I heard the forecast. They said get to work. I was the last one to talk to Bryan. We knew we had to get out of there, but it was too late. Even after I got hit, all I could think of was him. And whether he was alive," Forcinito said at the press conference.

    John Gallagher, First Vice President of Public Affairs for Tishman Construction, released this statement. "Although we cannot comment on pending litigation, we were not cited or found to be at fault by any entity investigating the incident last year, including OSHA."

    Robert Polisano, President of Network Construction, said in a press release Wednesday afternoon: "The filing of a lawsuit wasn’t unexpected. Whenever there is an accident, human nature says there has to be someone at fault, but not in this case.  It was an Act of Nature…a freak accident. It was not the fault of the foreman running the crew or anyone else. This storm came out of nowhere and its initial strike caused the death of a young man who is sadly missed by all. Again, our condolences go out to the family of Bryan Bradley."

    Revel Casino, which just opened on Monday, is not being sued by any of the three parties. A spokeswoman for Revel told NBC10 "the company doesn't comment on any lawsuit."