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Reward Doubles in Duct-Taped Cat Case

Sticky's okay, but the perp is still out there



    Reward Doubles in Duct-Taped Cat Case
    Pennsylvania SPCA
    This kitten found wearing a suit made of duct tape in a North Philly yard is doing fine after veterinarians removed the tape.

    The reward is up to $2,000 now to help find and convict whoever duct-taped a cat found abandoned Tuesday in North Philly

    Workers at the Pennsylvania SPCA affectionately named her "Sticky" after vets sedated the cat to cut all the tape off with scissors they normally use to remove bandages.

    "She's doing great. She is really happy and playful, which leads us to believe she came from a household," said Liz Williamson of the PSPCA.

    "Sticky" didn't even lose much fur when vets removed the duct tape.

    Cat Bound by Duct Tape Found in N. Philly

    [PHI] Cat Bound by Duct Tape Found in N. Philly
    This poor kitty was found in a North Philly yard in a duct tape suit.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009)

    "It's hard to even tell this happened to her. She doesn't have any patches missing or anything, but she does look less fluffy in some spots," said Williamson.

    Sticky is not up for adoption at this point. The PSPCA has to meet with several people who called claiming to be her owner. If Sticky does have a home, her owners will have to provide some proof with documents such as veterinary records and photographs.

    Whoever body-wrapped Sticky with duct tape faces animal cruelty charges. Investigators are working on a few "substantial" leads. If you have any information, you can call the PSPCA's animal cruelty hotline at 866.601.7722.