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Lawsuit Over NJ House Stalked By 'The Watcher' Dismissed

The home, which recently topped Thrillist's list of creepiest urban legends for every state, is back on the market



    This is the chilling tale of how what should have been a family's dream house in New Jersey became the stuff of nightmares.

    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017)

    A judge has thrown out the remaining counts of a civil lawsuit filed by a New Jersey couple who say they were scared away from their home after receiving anonymous creepy letters from someone named "The Watcher."

    Derek and Maria Broaddus had filed a lawsuit against the former owners of the Westfield home, saying they knew about the "The Watcher" before they sold them the home in 2014. reports a Superior Court judge on Wednesday dismissed the remaining counts of the lawsuit, saying there's no evidence the former owners intentionally hid a letter they had received from "The Watcher."

    The judge also dismissed a countersuit that alleged the Broadduses were smearing the former owners' reputation.

    The Broadduses say they've received four creepy letters from "The Watcher," the most recent one earlier this year.

    The home, which recently topped Thrillist's list of creepiest urban legends for every state, is back on the market.