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Pope Francis in Philly

Pope Francis in Philly

Look Back at the Pontiff's Historic Visit

Jolly Seminarians Chant, Sing Along March to Center City

Jolly Seminarians Sing, Chant Praise to Pope Francis While Walking to Center City

A group of jolly seminarians clap and chant a praise to Pope Francis as they walk down 2nd Street in Center City Philadelphia Saturday morning. (Published Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015)

Pilgrims from all across the world have been coming to Philadelphia to see Pope Francis, but some groups within the City of Brotherly Love have been making their own trips in to see the pontiff.

With many roads blocked off within the Francis Festival Grounds, many cheery groups walked into Center City to celebrate the pope's visit to Philly. One group of enthusiastic seminarians sang aloud as they walked down the city streets.

Passers-by could hear the chanting and clapping from down the street, as yells of "I love Pope Francis!" echoed off the buildings.

These student priests were coming from 2nd Street on the east side, but we've seen groups of visitors coming from all sides to participate in the events this weekend, singing in both English and Spanish, Pope Francis' native tongue.