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Colorblind Fans Frustrated by Jets-Bills Game Uniforms



    For colorblind Jets fans, the ugliest part of Thursday night's loss to the Bills wasn't the 22-17 final score. It was the two teams' nearly identical-looking uniforms.

    Viewers with red-green colorblindness said on social media that the teams' special "Color Rush" jerseys, which both appeared a dully greyish green to viewers with the condition.

    The sports blog Deadspin created a video to simulate what colorblind viewers saw. The short clip shows Bills safety Duke Williams recovering a fumbled kick return by Jets wideout Devin Smith, then running the football back for a touchdown. But because of the similarity between the teams' uniforms and helmets, it's hard to tell which team had the ball.

    The kelly green and bold red Nike uniforms were supposed to be splashy looks to bring extra excitement to Thursday night's tilt, but users on Twitter were quick to call out the design. 

    "I am actually incapable of watching this game as a colorblind person. every player is on the same team as far as I know," tweeted one viewer.

    About 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colorblind.

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