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Jersey Travel, Easier Than Ever



    Jersey Travel, Easier Than Ever
    Delaware River Port Authority

    Traveling through and to New Jersey just got easier. PATCO and New Jersey Transit have teamed up with SEPTA and Google to make finding directions a piece of cake.

      By partnering with Google, PATCO’s schedule information as well as directions is available to anyone visiting from around the world via Google Transit. For people who are not familiar with transit, this makes public transportation quite easy for anyone.
    You can now access public transportation routes by clicking “public transit” on Google maps. All users need to do is type in their starting point and ending destination and their trip will be planned before their eyes.
    Anyone can access this feature through the PATCO website or And of course it’s FREE.
    According to PATCO General Manager, Bob Box, “riders will not need to sort through timetables.  They can simply enter the date and time they hope to arrive at their destination and the trip planner will provide options showing the amount of time and number of transfers for each option.”
    The Assistant General Manager of PATCO, Cheryl Spicer, states that the feature will also provide walking directions so customers will be able to find there want to and from any stop or station.