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Hurt 'Em and Hand Over the "Jewels"



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    Wilbur Eichman, 66, allegedly hired a hit on his ex-son-in-law. He also allegedly offered a $3,000 bonus if he received his genitals.

    We’ve heard of people hating their in-laws, but Wilbur Eichman of Del. had it out for his ex-son-in-law. Eichman wanted his ex-son-in-law to feel a lot of pain, police said.

    Eichman, 66, of Hockessin, Del., was arrested for allegedly paying Charles Pernot, 34, $1,200 in cash to beat up his ex-son-in-law.  He then allegedley offered Pernot more money to shoot him and said he would get a $3,000 bonus for cutting off his ex-son-in-law’s genitals and bringing them to him, New Castle Police said.

    According to police, here's what happened:

    On December 11, the victim was entering his apartment in Newark, Del. when Pernot allegedly followed him into his building and started to assault him, hitting him in the face. When the victim started shouting for help, Pernot ran off.

    Man Hires Hitman to Hurt Ex-Son-In-Law

    [PHI] Man Hires Hitman to Hurt Ex-Son-In-Law
    A Delaware man reportedly hired a hitman to hurt his ex-son-in-law and cut off his "jewels."
    (Published Monday, Dec. 15, 2008)

    But, the next day, the victim claims he received a phone call from Pernot, stating he knew someone who wanted to hurt him, badly. He said his name was “Chaz” and that he had a recorded conversation with the man who hired him. 

    The victim said he agreed to meet Pernot in a public place and paid him $500 for the recording.

    Once the victim listened to the recording, he discovered the man who wanted him hurt was, low and behold, his ex- father in law, Eichman. The victim then called police.

    Pernot was charged with attempted robbery, attempted burglary and conspiracy.

    Eichman was arrested Saturday and charged with one count of criminal solicitation. He has been arraigned and released after posting $500 secured bail.