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How Intense Was the Earthquake? Search by Zip Code



    An earthquake survival guide for those of us not accustomed to earthquakes (Published Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2011)

    In our area, the intensity of Tuesday's earthquake was greatest in Glendora, New Jersey, according to the U.S. Geological Survey -- it was actually 6.1, althought the quake's magnitude was 5.8.

    The intensity of a quake is different than the magnitude. Here's how the USGS explains it:

    Magnitude measures the energy released at the source of the earthquake. Magnitude is determined from measurements on seismographs. Intensity measures the strength of shaking produced by the earthquake at a certain location. Intensity is determined from effects on people, human structures and the natural environment.

    People who live and work in Glendora felt the earth move and some say that feeling lasted for a good thirty seconds.

    You can check the intensity of the quake in your neighborhood by plugging in your zip code below: