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Hit-and-Run Driver Killed After Threatening Female Officer: Cops

Police say a man who fled the scene of an accident threatened to shoot a female officer who tried to stop him.



    Hit-and-Run Driver Dead After Threatening Officer: Cops

    A man struck a Temple University student with his truck Thursday morning on Broad and Cecil B. Moore, said police. According to authorities, a female officer shot the driver after he fled the scene and threatened to shoot her. NBC10's Monique Braxton spoke to a witness. (Published Thursday, April 12, 2012)

    A man is dead after police say he struck a Temple student with his vehicle, fled the scene and threatened to shoot a police officer.

    It began Thursday morning on Broad and Cecil B. Moore in the Brewerytown section of the city. Police say a man driving a truck struck a Temple student who was walking in the area.

    "He came out between two cars here and hit the first car," said Chris Serrell, who claims he was parked at a nearby drug store when the accident occurred. "He drove on the sidewalk, actually hit a pedestrian, young man, he was a Temple student. Then he turned back in, hitting a white minivan. Then he decided to back up into the parking lot where he decided to T-bone a black SUV. "

    Serrell says officers on the scene fired three shots at the suspect's vehicle and flattened his tires. This wasn't enough to stop him however.

    "He actually tried to push the police officer's car with his truck," said Serrell. "He actually had the tires spinning and smoke was coming out of the tires." 

    Police say the suspect drove six more blocks before fleeing his vehicle on 1400 Lambert Street. It was there that he was met by a female officer, according to investigators.

    "The two-year veteran follows that male into a vacant lot," said Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Ray Evers. "At that time the male says to the officer 'Step back, I want to blow your head off.'"

    The female officer then fired at the suspect, striking him in the left shoulder and leg. Police say he was pronounced dead at the local hospital. Investigators continue to search his car and the scene of the shooting for a weapon.

    "By this time we do see some drug paraphernalia in the blue vehicle," said Lieutenant Evers.

    The Temple student is currently in stable condition. Police have not released the names of the student, the slain suspect or the female police officer.

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