Hazmat Situation at College of New Jersey

Student Sets Off Hazmat Scare

Hazmat crews were called to the College of New Jersey Friday afternoon after a student was exposed to a hazardous chemical.

The female student was exposed to benzyl bromide while in the chemistry building located on the college campus at 2000 Pennington Road, according to school officials.

A student set off a Hazmat scare at The College of New Jersey. (Published Friday, April 11, 2014)

"She was walking around, into the library and the dining hall," said J.J. Heindel, a 21-year-old senior. "She was sitting with her friends in the dining hall and everyone was tearing up."

School officials say the affected student checked in with the school's health services after feeling a tingling sensation on her arm and smelling an unusual odor.

Authorities called hazmat crews to investigate the possiblity of contamination in the buildings she entered, forcing students to stay put in the library, dining hall and chemistry building during a quarantine.

No contamination was detected in any of the three buildings, which were all reopened by 2 p.m., according to school officials.

"It was pretty calm," said Heindel, who had to remain inside the cafeteria for about 20 minutes.

Despite the potentially scary situation, Heindel was not the only student unalarmed. Many students were joking about the situation on Twitter.

It's like monster's inc except the hazmat guys are here for a chemical spill instead of a human on the loose @TCNJPROBLEMS

— Joan Hales (@JoanHales) April 11, 2014

If this chemical spill gives us x-men powers can I be colossus? @TCNJPROBLEMS

— Joe Clayton (@josephclayton13) April 11, 2014

Turn down for benzyl bromide @TCNJPROBLEMS

— Christian Cleary (@chrstianmingl92) April 11, 2014

The affected student, who was in good condition, was transported to the Capital Health Regional Medical Center as a precautionary measure.