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Prisoner of Conshohocken: Harry Potter Escape Room Inspires a 'Sirius' Visit



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    Project Escape
    Project Escape presents The Wizards Secret.

    Calling all Harry Potter fans, enthusiasts and historians.

    Do you have what it takes to enter Azkaban and uncover the truth behind the wizarding world's most infamous prison?

    Home to dark wizards and witches and guarded by Dementors, even a muggle would fear the dreaded institution.

    For those wanting to experience a real-life version of Azkaban, the Witch and Wizard Prison in Conshohocken offers a Harry Potter-inspired escape room.

    "You have been tricked by a dark wizard and forced to take his spot in the dreaded prison. Your easiest task will be escaping the cell," Project Escape explained. 

    Visitors must figure out the Wizard’s Secret before the Dementors notice the prisoners' disappeared. Warning: Just because Sirius Black escaped doesn't mean you will.

    The Wizard’s Secret attraction features a wizard den, crystal balls, magic wands and a room filled with potions that would make even Professor Snape jealous.

    This Harry Potter escape game does not hold Igor Kararoff or Bellatrix Lestrange as inmates, so Project Escape has taken matters into their own hands to recreate a local version of the Witch and Wizard Prison.

    “The escape room allows Happy Potter fans to feel like they are a part of the movie,” said Rick Mason, Project Escape co-owner.

    Project Escape is all ages and children under the age of 18 must have an adult present.