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Employee Mistakes Toys for Tots Workers for Thieves: Cops

Police say the two "thieves" were actually Toys for Tots employees who were collecting the toys for the organization.



    Employee Mistakes Toys for Tots Workers for Thieves: Cops
    Cherry Hill Police Department

    What police originally believed was a case of two Holiday "Grinches" stealing from a Toys for Tots bin ended up being a complete mix up, according to investigators.

    An employee at the Walgreen's Pharmacy in Cherry Hill reported to police that he spotted a man and a woman taking gifts from the Toys for Tots collection bin. Police sent out a press release urging the public to contact them if they had any information on the alleged crime.

    It turns out however that the entire ordeal was a huge misunderstanding. Police say the two people whom the employee believed were thieves were actually two Toys for Tots employees collecting gifts for their organization.

    Police stated the following in an updated press release:

    When the sun rose this morning, things were a little clearer.  The Toys for Tots staff reported to police that the individuals removing the toys from the collection bin were in fact Toys for Tots employees.  The lead person of the collection process failed to notify Walgreen’s staff of his presence at the store and his intentions to remove the gifts from the collection bin.  This person said that he had been working hard all day and fatigue had set in.  Therefore, he forgot to identity himself, as he normally does and proceeded to collect the gifts.