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Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII

Philadelphia Eagles 41, New England Patriots 33

Nick Foles 'Owns' the Patriots, According to Google

Search "New England Patriots Owner" on Google for a good laugh.



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    It’s been a rough week for Pats fans. After the underdog Philadelphia Eagles upset their team in the Super Bowl, fans of the New England Patriots have had to deal with several internet memes and jokes at their expense. And now it appears even Google is joining in on the Internet ribbing.

    As of Saturday, if you type in “New England Patriots owner” or “Patriots owner” in Google search, Robert Kraft isn’t the first person who comes up. Instead it’s Eagles QB and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. And for those who haven't played video games or been on the Internet in the past 15 years, to "own" is slang for thoroughly defeating someone.

    We recommend doing the google search quickly before it's changed. And if you’re feeling especially cruel, ask your buddy who’s a Patriots fan to google it for you.

    Yes, it’s petty and it’s certainly kicking a fanbase while they’re down. But anyone who tells you they wouldn’t find it funny if it was their team instead should google the word “liar.”

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