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Glenn Beck Says "Philadelphia Sucks"

Beck calls the area around Independence Hall “the killing streets”



    Glenn Beck Says "Philadelphia Sucks"
    Cindy Barrymore
    “Get away from my fries, Mrs. Obama,” he cracked, mocking the First Lady’s initiative to fight obesity.

    While talking about Camden’s massive police layoffs on his radio show Tuesday, controversial commentator Glenn Beck inexplicably decided to take some pot shots at the city across the river.

    Beck calls the area around Philadelphia's Independence Hall “the killing streets” and challenges his executive producer Steve “Stu” Burguiere to wear a hidden camera and walk around Independence Hall at the extremely dangerous time of 6 p.m.

    While Burguiere disagrees with Beck’s bizarre assessment of Old City’s danger level, Beck keeps pushing his groundless opinion.

    “The killing streets known as right there in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia -- you know how Philadelphia is not a place you want to be,” Beck says.

    “You feel really comfortable,” he says in a sarcastic tone of voice.

    Burguiere continues to say that he’s never felt like he was in danger around Independence Hall or “downtown” Philadelphia.

    “Don’t listen to Stu. Philadelphia sucks,” Beck says.

    According to The Philly Post, Beck unleashed this tirade a day after his radio program stopped being broadcast in Philadelphia and New York City.

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