Garrett Reid in Trouble Again

Garrett Reid being led into an earlier court appearance.

Garrett Reid, son of Eagles head coach Andy Reid, was sent back to prison Wednesday after flunking a drug test, according to police. Garrett's also accused of getting into a fight with another resident at the halfway house where he's staying.

Reid, 26, lives at the Luzerne Treatment Center at 600 East Luzerne Street in the Juniata section of Philadelphia as part of his court-ordered drug treatment program. He left Wednesday on an approved pass and failed a drug test when he got back, according to authorities.

He admitted getting a thrill out of selling drugs in some of Philly's worst neighborhoods and also called himself an addict. Now, the son of Eagles coach Andy Reid, is back behind bars. (Published Thursday, May 14, 2009)

"My understanding is that he [Reid] was found to have some kind of an controlled substance or narcotic in his system," Montogomery County district attorney Risa Ferman said.

Philly police were called. They picked up Reid and took him back to Graterford.

Eagles Coaches Son Busted For Drugs (Published Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008)

Reid's legal problems started in January of 2007 when he was high on heroin and slammed his SUV slammed into another car, hurting the driver. Police found drugs and syringes in his vehicle. He was sentenced to 23 months behind bars after failing a random drug test. While he was serving time, Garrett smuggled drugs into prison by stashing 89 pills in his rectum. After seven months in prison, Reid went to the halfway house.

Garrett's brother, Britt was arrested after threatening a driver with a gun in 2007. Police discovered drugs in Britt Reid's car.

When the Reid boys were sentenced, the judge likened Andy and Tammy Reid's home to a "drug emporium."