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Free Phillies Tickets Float Around Philly

Pairs of tickets hidden inside balloons across the city



    Free Phillies Tickets Float Around Philly
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Basil Coutifaris won a pair of opening day tickets after finding a floating red balloon tied down by the Philllies Monday.

    Free Phillies tickets are floating out there for you to grab -- that is, if you can find them.

    The team placed pairs of tickets to opening week games inside red balloons and scattered them throughout Philadelphia Monday.

    Phillies spokeswoman Deborah Renaldi said the promotion was a first for the team and social media driven.

    The team tweeted out this photo at one of the locations 11:35 this morning.

    Renaldi says fans quickly recognized the backdrop as Rittenhouse Square and descended on the park. The first fan there, Basil Coutifaris, popped the balloon and personally handed Opening Day tickets from the Phillie Phanatic.

    The team tweeted out another photo from Independence Mall about a half hour later.

    Renaldi wouldn't say how many balloons the team tied down, but said there still may be some floating around.

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