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Possible Serial Killer in NY Raise Questions on 2006 AC Murders

Four bodies were recently found in NY. Four prostitutes were killed in AC in 2006.



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    Crosses were erected in memory of the four dead women.

    A New York police official says investigators are considering the possibility that a serial killer may have dumped four bodies that were found recently along the same quarter-mile stretch of road on Long Island.

    The recent discovery brings up questions about the four women who worked as prostitutes that were found barefoot and dead Nov. 20, 2006 on the Jersey Shore.

    There were never any arrests in the 2006 murder cases.

    The defense attorney of the main person questioned in the case of the bodies found in a drainage ditch in Egg Harbor Township’s West Atlantic City section four years ago, Terry Oleson, released a statement in response to media inquiries Tuesday.

    4 Murders in NY Raise Questions About 4 Murders in AC

    [PHI] 4 Murders in NY Raise Questions About 4 Murders in AC
    Police in Long Island discovered four bodies tossed onto a beach.The case is similar to the murders of four women in Atlantic city in 2006.
    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010)

    James J. Leonard said that Oleson, who was never labeled an official suspect in the AC murders, was recently released from the Salem County Jail on or about Nov. 19 after serving 34 days on a technical violation of his probation.

    "We are hopeful that this incident will shed some light on what happened here in Atlantic City four years ago as the similarities appear to be striking,” Leonard said. “We have maintained all along that Terry Oleson had nothing to do with the deaths of the four women that were murdered in West Atlantic City and he has zero connection to the case that is presently unfolding in Long Island.” 

    “We would hope that the investigators working on both matters would share their findings in an effort to bring the person or persons to justice," Leonard said.

    New York’s Suffolk County police Commissioner Richard Dormer says the four bodies were discovered along a Long Island road near Cedar Beach Saturday and Monday.

    Police found the bodies while they were investigating a missing person report on nearby Fire Island.

    Dormer says 24-year-old Shannon Gilbert, of Jersey City, N.J., was last seen on May 1. He said Gilbert worked as a prostitute and arranged through Craigslist to meet a client on Fire Island. He said there was no indication yet that hers was among the bodies found.