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Flammable Find at Jersey Shore



    A military flare was found near the ocean's edge in Margate, New Jersey on Thursday afternoon. NBC10's Ted Greenberg spoke to the fisherman who discovered the device. (Published Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012)

    An unusual find brought the bomb squad to the beach in Margate, NJ on Thursday. A fisherman and his wife spotted a strange cylinder at the water's edge at Cedar Grove Avenue.

    “It had writing on it. It said, ‘Danger, phosphorus, may cause burns. Contact the police or the military" said Dan Greenberg. "I kind of thought, hmm, you know what?  We should probably back up.”

    Greenberg call 911. Police then called the Atlantic City Bomb Squad.

    “They took control of the phosphorus canister, said it probably contained either white or red phosphorus” said Lt. Matt Hankinson of Margate Police.

    Turns out the object was a military flare that washed up from the ocean. Authorities say they emit extremely bright light and are often used for marking certain areas in the water during training exercises.

    "I’ve lived here 43 years" Greenberg told NBC10. "It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one.”