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Family of Dogs Rescued in New Jersey



    Family of Dogs Rescued in New Jersey
    Toms River Police
    The dog and her puppies are housed in the new Animal Shelter at 235 Oak Avenue in Toms River, New Jersey. If the dogs are not claimed in three weeks, they will be put up for adoption.

    A family of dogs was rescued on Wednesday when a woman and her two children spotted the group of canines walking dangerously close to the road in Toms River, N.J.

    The woman, who spotted the animals the morning of June 11, and was able to retrieve the two puppies, but their mother ran off into the woods.

    Animal Control Officers arrived and took custody of the two puppies and then began their search for the mother.

    With the help of Police Office Eric Divone, they located a makeshift den not far from where the dogs were first spotted. Officials found seven more puppies inside. A humane trap was set for the mother and, five hours later, she was rescued as well.

    After being evaluated and treated by a veterinarian, the family is reunited and in good health. They are housed in the new Animal Shelter in Toms River, N.J.

    Facility Director Jim Bowen coordinated the rescue and said the mother is a Jack Russell Terrier and the five week old puppies are of an unknown mix.

    "A search is being conducted to locate the owner of the dogs," he said. "However, if no one claims them they will be placed up for adoption after a minimum wait of approximately three weeks."