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Evesham Township to Provide Free Trolley Rides Home After Night Out



    Evesham Township in Burlington County rolled out a new program called "Operation Evesham Saves Lives," which will transport patrons home for free from restaurants and bars to prevent DUI deaths. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015)

    A South Jersey town is launching a new program that is aimed to prevent DUI-related deaths.

    The program is called “Evesham Operation Saving Lives.”

    Starting this Friday, Evesham Township is rolling out a free trolley service and a new app.

    “If you’re an Evesham resident and you’re in one of our businesses that sells alcohol or you’re in one of our restaurants or bars, we are going to bring you home for free. We are going to transport you home,” Evesham Township Mayor Randy Brown said.

    The goal of the program is to eliminate DUI/DWI offenses by “providing an alternative to safely get home,” Evesham Township Police Chief Christopher Chew said.

    The app lets restaurants and patrons know when the next trolley is due to arrive.

    Evesham Township has not had a DUI-related death since 2009. However, there has been a spike in DUI arrests.

    “I firmly believe this commitment will have a significant impact in decreasing the amount of DWI/DUI crashes and fatalities that occur each year,” Chief Chew said.

    The program is fully funded by state grants and donations from various community based civic organizations.