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'Easter Bunny' Continues Family Tradition



    An employee of a Delaware County Bakery continues the tradition of dressing up as the Easter bunny. (Published Sunday, April 20, 2014)

    David Bolner, Owner of Traub Bakery was very surprised to see the Easter Bunny outside of his Prospect Park establishment this morning.

    Five years ago one of his younger employees 18-year-old Jessica Dougherty asked him if she could dress up like the Easter Bunny and wave to the passing cars.

    “She’s a character,” said Bolner. “I told her I would even buy her the costume.”

    This Easter however Jessica is away at Duke University. So who’s in the Bunny suit?

    Her brother.

    Jessica’s younger brother AJ is now the one bunny hopping and waving to cars on Lincoln Avenue in Prospect Park. Meanwhile, children have been coming in to the bakery, asking for hugs and getting their picture with the Easter bunny.

    Watch video of the bunny in the link embedded above.